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DUST DREAM (in development)

UK/Poland, 80 min, HD, documentary,
dir. Maciej Gorski, producer: Monika Braid
script consultant: Nicole Stott,
production company: Braidmade Films
development funding: Polish Film Institute, MEDIA Programme

At the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, boxing master Jagdish Singh helped produce the first bronze medal for India, and has now set his sights on gold for the summer 2012 games in London. Singh is preparing three students to compete in the upcoming contest: Vijender, Sunita, and Sunil, a boy who just began boxing, as well as a few mature fighters. For these hopefuls, boxing is not only a passion, but also a method of survival. Through the presentation of their parallel stories we learn about these students motivations, expectations, and the pure determination they need to fulfill their dreams of gold.

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