THE FOX (in development)

Germany/Poland, 100 mins, fiction
writer: D.H. Lawrence (book) Sebastian Bleyl (screenplay)
dir.: Matthias Luthardt
DOP: Jolanta Dylewska
Cast: Agata Buzek, Hannah Herzsprung, Frederick Lau
producers: Kasia Skibinska, Oliver Damian
production companies: 27 Films Production and Braidmade Films
development funding: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg/Polish Film Institute

March 1918. Two women, Luise and Thea live by themselves on a secluded farm in Lower Silesia. They cultivate the little land they own but have been left with no livestock except a few chickens which a fox repeatedly plunders. A young deserter, Hermann, comes along and creates an emotional conflict between the three. He very quickly convinces Luise to marry him. When the war ends and he leaves for a few days, the women grow closer to one another once again. Upon his return the situation escalates and Luise must decide between the two.