THE BALTORO PASSAGE (in production)

UK/Poland/Germany, 72 mins, HD, documentary
dir. Eliza Kubarska
DOP: Radoslaw Ladczuk
producers: Katarzyna Slesicka, Monika Braid
co-producer: Gregor Streiber
production companies: Wajda Film Studio, Braidmade Films, Vertical Vision Film Studio, Insel Film
funding: Polish Film Institute, MEDIA, HBO Europe, Servus TV

Mountaineers are some of the heroes of our times. But they often pay the highest price for their passion, as do their families. Three young people travel deep into the mountains to reach the BASE CAMP of the second highest peak in the world – K2. Over 20 years ago their parents walked this path, never to return home. Can this trip somehow help them to come to terms with their loss?