EVA (in development)

UK/PL, 60 mins and 80 mins, documentary
dir. Grzegorz Pacek, DOP: Bogumil Godfrejow
prod: Braidmade Films and
Wytwornia Filmow.
development funding: MEDIA Programme

Eva Jasiewicz, a British human rights activist of Polish origins, is a
controversial woman, known for her radical opinions and actions, who was
once compared with Urlike Meinhof. Eva works for the Free Gaza Movement in her quest for truth and justice in Gaza. She was one of the few westerners
actively helping civilians during 'cast led' operation in 2009 and was part
of the controversial Freedom Flotilla convoy mission in June 2010 when it
resulted in nine deaths of activists attempting to deliver aid to civilians.
Grzegorz Pacek follows Eva's life for one year. He will accompany her
supporting rights of greenhouse workers in England, he will be at a left
wing rally led by Ewa to support Palestinians in London and he will embark
on a ship with aid to accompany Eva to Gaza.


Eva - presentation from Monika Braid on Vimeo.