UK/Poland, 60 mins, HDV, documentary
dir. Maciej Górski,
producer: Monika Braid,
co-producers: Yugesh and Sunandan Walia,
DOP: Wojciech Staron, Maciej Górski, Pawel Banasiak, production companies: Braidmade Films and Endboard Productions
funding: MEDIA, Polish Film Institute, Screen West Midlands, BBC, WorldView

World sales: DR International Sales, contact: Charlotte Gry Madsen
T +45 3520 3040

The Mankoos, a Sikh family, who originate from Kenya, lived in London and recently emigrated to Australia, take you on a journey to India in search of their identity and a place of belonging. Dari, the father, ex pop star and London Underground driver, Tina, his wife and an IT expert, and their daughter Kiran, a fractious teenager venture on the trip which they hope will change their life. The scenes of their spiritual journey through India frame the story of a family in transition and their struggle to find their roots and a common ground.

MtheGtrailerOryginal by braidmade

Premiere Krakow Film Festival - 27 May 2011