UK/Poland 30 mins, HDV, documentary, Braidmade Films for BBC, dir. Maciej Górski, prod. Monika Braid

The film features three years of life of a Sikh family, who originate from Kenya, lived for 30 years in London and immigrated to Australia. It is about their mutual dream to venture on the life changing journey to India. But the change in life comes itself and unexpectedly. Dari is a London Underground driver. Tina is a teacher and a successful IT specialist. Prabhjot studies nursing in Birmingham. Kiran finishes her collage and cannot make up her mind if she should become a lawyer or a doctor. Dari wants to show his daughters India – the country of his roots. He wants to take his wife and children to places which are important to every Sikh. This is meant to be a lesson for his daughters, who enter their adulthood. So they can learn about the country of their ancestors and see what poverty is. So a tube driver’s daughters can appreciate their place in life. The fate is different. An offer of a good job for Tina in Australia make them decide to emigrate. The life journey is replaced by the life.